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Information Technology and Telecom-Related Businesses

Advances in information technology (IT) and telecommunications have revolutionised the way we communicate, obtain information and do business.

The lawyers at Onyx Solicitors have gained information technology and telecoms expertise from working at large private practices, as well as working in-house with leading names in the IT and telecom worlds.

We offer experienced advice and representation in computer law, information technology law and telecoms law, including:

  • Terms and conditions for the provision of services and for consultancy services.
  • Contracts and agreements including distribution agreements, outsourcing agreements, licensing agreements, consultancy agreements with self-employed contractors, government agency agreements, software license agreements or contracts and data contracts.
  • Intellectual property rights including licensing agreements.
  • Data protection and privacy including helping clients comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Website development and online content including issues related to domain names, intellectual property, data protection, online commerce, and ownership and licensing of online content.
  • Virtualisation: Is it time for you to add an online component to your bricks-and-mortar business or even transfer operations completely online? We can help.
  • Freedom of Information Act 2000: We help IT and telecoms businesses comply with and respond to requests to obtain information from their public entities customers.
  • Litigation of disputes related to IT and telecoms issues.

Our clients are innovative professionals who use advanced technology to deliver traditional goods and services or deal in IT or telecom technologies themselves. They include money transfer businesses, SMS messaging, SMS marketing, telecoms, maintenance businesses, retailers, franchisors and professional practices.

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