Commercial Law for the UK Muslim Community

Are you thinking of starting a business, buying a commercial property or becoming a landlord? Perhaps you have been offered a business opportunity, partnership or great franchise deal but are not sure what happens next? Maybe you need advice about contracts, legal responsibilities and rights? Or you have a great idea for a new product but are worried someone else will steal it?

Commercial law covers a wide range of topics and associated services, including those listed above, many of which are of interest to the UK Muslim community. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a new or established business owner or are involved in property development, at some point you will need to engage with the intricacies of commercial law. When you are in need of expert legal advice, guidance or action on any aspect of business related legal services look no further than Onyx Solicitors.

Straightforward legal guidance in a language you understand is vital for any commercial law work. By choosing a qualified Muslim commercial solicitor you can rest assured that your cultural expectations are fully understood and catered for. This is especially reassuring for those interested in Shariah compliant legal agreements or dispute arbitration support.

We offer legal services in many areas, including:

  • The rental, leasing, or purchase of commercial property, including office, retail and warehouse space.
  • Selling a property or lease.
  • Staff and sub-contractor contracts and disputes.
  • Landlords involved in rental properties.
  • Creating or ending a business partnership.
  • Disputes between business partners.
  • Applications for planning permission.
  • Guidance when buying or selling a franchise.
  • Advice on product development and copyright.
  • General commercial contract disputes and negotiations.
  • Dealing with liquidators and receivers.
  • Various legal agreements, including those on distribution, licensing and re-sales.
  • Commercial disputes, with partners, customers, vendors and other parties.

We welcome enquiries from anyone who is in need of commercial legal advice. It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small, new or very well established, as meeting the individual needs of all clients is our priority. Whatever type of business you are involved with, we are here to support you. What is guaranteed is that all legal services are delivered within a framework of sensitivity and understanding regarding Muslim cultural needs.

Some clients come to us at the beginning of their commercial career, others when they are looking to expand. However, we also welcome anyone seeking advice on dealing with an existing commercial law issue. Whatever the circumstances we are happy to help.

In business since 1996, Onyx Solicitors Limited have built up an established and well respected reputation for offering quality legal services the Muslim community can depend on. Although we are based in Birmingham, our services are available to clients throughout England and Wales. If travelling is difficult or you are pushed for time, don’t worry. We are able to meet with you at your home, workplace or wherever is convenient for you.

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